Campus Center, located in the heart of Duke’s West Campus, is the “hub” of dining, socializing, events and more. REVERED was asked to create the branding, website, and communications in order to promote events / information to students and faculty.
The logo was designed with the understanding that it needed to belong in a family and would be broken into segments to visually communicate the individual pieces that form the whole center. With that in mind paired with the Gothic architecture found at Duke University, the Campus Center logo was formed as well. For each building logo, a color was taken from the prime logo and a familiar symbol added to the center to represent its buildings unique feature
Outdoor signage including a map of Campus Center, table clings, light post banners, and animation were built to further engage students and faculty about the thriving culture happening in that area.
In 2017, the Campus Center website design won an American Graphic Design Award.
CLIENT: Duke Campus Center
ROLE: Senior Graphic Designer
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